2017 R2-KT Christmas patches are ready for order!
Each Christmas season we run patches to raise funds for Toys-for-Tots. This year we are excited to welcome an amazing new artist: Corinne Roberts! In this, the eleventh patch in the R2-KT Christmas series, we see KT reunite with her Clone Wars costar Ahsoka! It's gotta be fun wrapping presents with someone who wields the Force!

For the Imperial side of things, we're proud to present the Kylo-Vader Christmas 2017 patch! Designed by Dave Liew, this shows the importance of family during the holidays as well as showing how much fun it would be to decorate the Death Star for Christmas!

And lastly we are re-running the 2013 favorite, Snoopy and R2-KT Christmas. This is the sixth patch in the KT Christmas series and back by popular demand.

To order just click on over to the KT Stuff to Get page!

2017 R2-KT Halloween patches!
It's that time of year again and the Halloween series has been one of the most popular of the KT patch offerings. This year our daughters, Elizabeth and Julianna, sat down and designed three very cool concepts from classic horror franchises. Dave Liew stepped in to expertly transform their ideas into beautiful final designs!

* Price: $7 apiece * Shipping: Just $1 covers shipping for every 5 patches ($2 outside the U.S.)
* PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com
* Size: 3.5" fully embroidered
* Orders being taken through end of October, delivered end of October
* All profits being directed to Make-A-Wish Foundation

R2-KT Pink Brigade Logo patches!
Droid friends, This year we launched the R2-KT Pink Brigade to celebrate all the Star Wars costumers who embrace the pink side of the Force in the name of various charities. 501st member Jair Aranda surprised us with a cool logo to go with the site, and fans have asked for it to be made into a unit patch. Each member that signs up to be in the Brigade will receive a free patch (so let us know if you're one of them!). And we will offer the logo patch to fans everywhere to show their pride.

* Price: $7 apiece * Shipping: Just $1 covers shipping for every 5 patches ($2 outside the U.S.)
* PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com
* Size: 3.5" fully embroidered
* Orders being taken through end of July, delivered mid-August or earlier
* All profits being directed to Make-A-Wish Foundation
* (please note, final patch design will be a simpler version without the minute details, due to the stitching process)

The Minions are BACK! For a limited time, we're re-running the very popular R2-KT & Minions patch designed by Juan Jose Matamoros back in 2012. #8 in the R2-KT Fan Club patch series, it is a big hit with kids. Just in time for the June 30th release of Despicable Me 3. Get yours now, as well as a sticker!

* Benefits: Make-A-Wish Foundation
* 4", ships in late June
* Patches: $7 apiece ($5 for orders of 5 or more) plus $1 shipping (to cover entire order; $2 for orders outside of the U.S.)
* Stickers: $1.5 apiece or $1 apiece for orders of 5 or more stickers * PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com

We are Groot!
The last thing I expected was to fall in love with an animated tree. But Groot (especially baby Groot) is pure magic. Darrin Brege, friend of the Legion and artist on the upcoming book "Dad wants to be a Stormtrooper," is known for his awesome mash-up art. He was inspired and whipped up a sketch on a whim. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 coming out May 5, we thought folks might appreciate a little love from the baby tree.

* Benefits: Make-A-Wish Foundation
* 3.5" round, ships in early May
* $7 apiece ($5 for orders of 5 or more) plus $1 shipping (to cover entire order; $2 for orders outside of the U.S.)
* PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com

Celebration Orlando 2017: Friday

Click on the link to check out the photos from the Celebration Anaheim gallery:

R2-KT St. Patrick's Day!

Get a touch o' the green! R2-KT St. Patrick's Day patches, the first of the series! Lucky for anyone proud to wear it.

Cost: $7 apiece, free shipping to anywhere. $5 apiece for orders of 10 or more!
How to buy: PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com - benefits St. Baldrick's

Children Exceeding Expectations
R2-KT's mission to the Children Exceeding Expectations school in Bristol, TN was a big success thanks to Hayley Spivey Dietrich and the troopers of the 501st Legion! Three garrisons converged to help the brave kids celebrate Valentine's Day and kick off their trip to Disney World! Interesting fact about this school is that not only is it a free school for childeren who are battling cancer and can not attend their regular school, this school meets in the sky box of the Bristol Dragway. Awesome kids, our heroes!

Bryan Kan from Perth, Australia made this AWESOME R2-KT LEGO! Here's the comment he left on his site: "In Memory of Katie Johnson (1998-2005). Here's my MOC of the R2-KT based on the instructions of the Lego 10225 UCS R2-D2. Special thanks to Amy Lau for the pink bricks and stealing her idea."

Kids in Action!
"My name is Jeff Ruggaber. I teach art in Racine, WI at Red Apple Elementary School. This year we were inspired by not only Star Wars, (my whole classroom is Star Wars), but we were also inspired by the story of R2-KT and Mr. Johnson's continued work at making kids like Katie smile. I had all 300+ students design their own R2. It was huge success (see picture) below. From there the students decided that they wanted to do more. We will be presenting a check to Make-A-Wish Wisconsin for over $1400 on May 4th. I'm contacting you in hopes that you could forward this onto Mr. Johnson to let him know that we at Red Apple are inspired by him and his daughter and are doing our part to make kids smile here in Wisconsin. Art has truly awoken Red Apple School."

R2-KT Movie Debut
Once the Force Awakens DVD and BluRay came out, it was much easier to spot R2-KT in her scenes and offer clear screen-shots. So exciting to see her in brilliant sharp detail!
Click on the photos to see enlarged version

R2-KT Movie Debut
R2-KT makes her movie debut in Star Wars: The Force Awakens! It was as early as late 2013 when Lucasfilm approached us about the possibility of including R2-KT in the next chapter of Star Wars. Of course we were blown away and went into scramble mode to get KT shipped off to London. R2 Builders Oliver Steeples and Lee Towersey assumed care of KT and sent us weekly updates on how she was doing (mostly flirting with the other droids). So December 18 we were thrilled as a family to go and see our girl on the big screen and join the amazing Star Wars universe. Here you will see some poor resolution photos of the screen showing a few of KT's appearances. There may be more and if you find any send 'em our way. This will have to do until the movie is released on BluRay. But it's a fun game looking for R2-KT and hearing from fans who play "Where's KT?" when they go see the movie. What a beautiful gesture - thank you Disney and Lucasfilm, J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy, and thank you Mary Franklin and Lee and Oliver. You show that the personal stories of people are the real magic of Star Wars. So very proud of the Star Was community and very thankful.
Click on the photos to see enlarged version and KT pointed out

"The Football Awakens!"

R2-KT gets a BB-8-inspired redesign in Eric Bruce's BB-8 parody of the Force Awakens!

Paul Johnson sent in this beautiful graphic he created to celebrate R2-KT. As always, he has a touch of elegant subtlety that makes images come alive. And for any fan of the original Star Wars Trading Cards, this makes you smile. (click on the thumbnail to see a larger version) 2015-05-paul-johnson-R2_KTtoppscard.jpg

R2-KT rocked Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! Not only did she have a Hot Wheels car made in her likeness which raised $35,000 for the Star Wars: Force for Change charity, she even got named one of Star Wars' leading ladies by Vogue. Check out the link here:

Click on the link to check out the photos from the Celebration Anaheim gallery:

If you know of any photos of KT from the con, email us at r2kt@r2kt.com and be eligible to win a free R2-KT Celebration Anaheim Hot Wheels patch!

Dave Johnston just sent in this *AMAZING* cross-stitch he lovingly did in his own hand.
"My most recent attempt. It took about 59 hours over 3 weeks to complete and is about 8" in diameter. I sent this one directly to R2-KT herself, so hopefully she'll enjoy it!"
*WOW* cross-stitch is so intricate only a truly dedicated person can make something this beautiful. This will be treasured in the R2-KT museum as well as displayed at her events. Thank you so much, Dave - you show amazing talent and it touched Katie's entire family to receive it. Rock on!

Karla Buenfil Ponce surprised the love of her life, Diego Adame of The 501st Legion Mexican Garrison, with this one of a kind AWESOME patch on their second anniversary together. This has full approval by Artoo Katee so it's legit. Unfortunately, it s not available to KT's fans it's a limited run for just them and our archives. What a wonderful tribute to love between those who feel the Force! Congratulations, Karla and Diego!

R2-KT is a statue! Released as a con exclusive at San Diego ComicCon 2014, KT appears as a beautiful sculpted maquette available to the fans. Only 500 in the run and $10 of every sale goes to the San Diego chapter of Make-A-Wish. For more information visit http://www.gentlegiantltd.com or read more on it here.
Digitally sculpted by the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd., the R2-KT maquette uses the top photo reference available for top-notch accuracy. Cold cast in high quality polystone and hand painted, each limited edition maquette comes individually numbered and includes a matching certificate of authenticity. Available at SDCC 2014. May the Force be with you.

R2-KT trooped with the 501st Legion Old Line Garrison and Garrison Tyranus to help promote a new Museum of Science Fiction! It was a glorious day spent touring the nation's capital and shooting some great footage for the museum's PR department. As you can see, we're doing our part to make it an "Imperial Senate"!

The Bag Depot is proud to announce our newest items, featuring that beautiful pink droid with a "Heart of Gold" --their two bags with custom printed R2KT fabric! To help KT spread her mission of hope, all bags sold include a $5 donation to the Make a Wish Foundation. These will be available at www.the-bag-depot.com next week. You can email thebagdepot@gmail.com to get on the pre-order list!

July 26-28, 2013:
R2-KT made her premiere in Europe this weekend! She was so happy to be off that boat! Thousands of Star Wars fans came to Essen, Germany and said hello to our pink envoy of hope. Here are some pics of the event, with more if you click over to her 2013 Adventures page!

June, 2013:

R2-KT is traveling by boat right now, on her way to Germany for Celebration Europe II! For more pics, check out KT's 2013 Adventures Page !

May 18, 2013:

R2-KT marched with The 501st Legion in the Star Wars Weekends parade opening weekend. Disney was moved by KT's story and agreed she is a tribute to the love and power of Star Wars fans. It was an arduous journey and nothing was confirmed til the last minute, but she was a big hit and everyone was proud of our girl making her debut in the house of mouse! For more pics, check out KT's 2013 Adventures Page!

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